The TAM Office Has Moved

The Texas Association of Museums’ office has moved to Austin, effective January 1, 2019. TAM is now a hybrid of a home office and a co-working space in downtown Austin. Although the website, phone number, and fax number will remain the same, please update TAM’s mailing address in your files to:
Texas Association of Museums
815A Brazos Street, #537
Austin, TX 78741
Why is the TAM relocating?
To better serve our vast statewide membership, TAM has become a virtual office with a home base in Austin. Becoming a remote office and relocating to central Texas enables TAM to strengthen our relationship with other state organizations, allow for a decentralized office that can travel throughout the state, and serve as a more convenient physical location for workshops and board meetings. 
How will this move affect my membership?
Memberships will not be affected by this move. However, members will need to update their records with the new mailing address. We are working on securing a shared workspace in downtown Austin to take face to face meetings. 
When is the TAM office move taking place?
TAM’s new executive director, Alex Freeman, is based in Austin and he secured a new mailing address in Austin on December 12, 2018, and will rent a shared workspace in downtown Austin in 2019 along with working from a home office. The lease agreement for 101 Summit Ave, Ste 802 in Ft. Worth ended on January 31, 2019. Mail began to be forwarding to the 815A Brazos St, #537 address prior to January 31. 

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