Museum Reopening and Funding Resources

On April 27, Governor Greg Abbot released the Governor's Report to Open Texas that outlined the process for re-opening business activities in the state which began on May 1. While the report included checklists and protocols, more resources and time are needed for some museums to reopen since we represent so many kinds of in-person experiences from contemplative gardens to high touch interactives. Please take a look at digest of the latest resources available for reopening and emergency funding below. 

Museum Reopening Resources

  1. The American Alliance of Museums has several resources concerning museum reopening available. READ MORE
  2. The Governor's Report to Reopen Texas. READ MORE
  3. Texas Health and Human Services Health Protocols. READ MORE
  4. Collections Managers Committee Resources. READ MORE
  5. NCPTT Personal Protective Equipment during COVID-19. READ MORE
  6. NCPTT Re-Entry to Cultural Sites. READ MORE

Funding Resources

  1. Humanities Texas invites Texas cultural and educational institutions facing financial hardship resulting from the coronavirus pandemic to apply immediately for fast-track funding. READ MORE
  2. CARES Act Table of Federal Arts Funding Opportunities. READ MORE
  3. Freelances Artist Resources. READ MORE
  4. Facebook Small Business Grants Program. READ MORE
  5. The City of Austin Economic Development Department’s Heritage Tourism Division is now accepting applications for the Heritage Grant. READ MORE

Other Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

  1. Americans for the Arts continues to closely monitor recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Federal and D.C. governments as developments evolve concerning the coronavirus. READ MORE
  2. Beloved Community's COVID-19 Response Strategy Equity Audit. READ MORE 
  3. Book Conservation at Northeast Documentation Conservation Center. READ MORE
  4. Collections Care in the Age of COVID-19 from Connecting Collections to Care. READ MORE
  5. The Impact of Hand Sanitizer on Collections Materials. READ MORE
  6. American Alliance for Museums "Three New Scenarios for Financial Survival in 2020." READ MORE
  7. Course on Cleaning the Museum Without Damage. READ MORE
  8. Accessibility and Disability Sections, Society of American Archivists: Archivists at Home. READ MORE

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