Finding Alternative Futures - Community Engagement



Finding Alternative Futures: Sustainability Through      Coaching


The eleven organizations in the Finding Alternative Futures: Sustainability Through program are approaching a milestone. After a full year of intensive coaching, group meetings, and educational presentations, the FAF teams are considering how they will continue their work beyond this project. The coaches are working with the FAF teams to identify an appropriate challenge that uses their new skills. To support their work, TAM is offering project stipends up to $2500 from funds provided by the Summerlee Foundation.


The final session of The Public Series will take place on Wednesday, March 27, from Noon until 3:00 pm, at the George Ranch Historical Park, Richmond. Admission is free and open to colleagues in the museum and cultural community. The topic is Community Engagement and will be presented by Candace Matelic, Ph.D., a leading national expert in this area. 


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