Tam Talks

Ongoing professional development for museum and cultural professionals is a critical part of maintaining a healthy staff and organization. TAM strives to provide the most up-to-date information to the broadest audience possible, but knows that not everyone is able to come to in-person workshops and conferences. In the interest of serving these professionals and promoting best practices, TAM is extending its educational offerings into the digital realm through this new initiative.

TAM Talks, based on the wildly popular TED Talks concept, will present information to the TAM audience in easily-digestible “nuggets.” Each 5-10 minute video will explore a narrow slice of information on topics ranging from core documents to lighting, and branding to collections care. These videos, shot documentary-style with cell phones or by staff during other events and gatherings, will create a repository of information that will be available to museum and cultural professionals at all levels and in all regions of the state. The abundant knowledge held by staff members of the state’s greatest museums can be shared with the smallest organizations in the most remote parts of the state without imposing an undue financial burden on small museum budgets.

TAM is excited to bring this initiative to the cultural organizations of Texas, and even more excited to announce our partnership with the San Diego Zoo Global Academy. The hugely successful program of digital education for zoo professionals run by the San Diego Zoo has provided TAM with additional expertise while designing the TAM Talks program and interface, helping to ensure an engaging and user-friendly experience.

The goal of TAM Talks is to provide a new and accessible way of fulfilling our educational mission. As new generations enter the field, we must find new ways of reaching even more people and providing the valuable content that is needed by professionals and organizations of all sizes and skill levels. TAM Talks will expand both the capacity of TAM to be responsive to the needs of our audience and field, and the capacity of users to best serve their institutions and communities.