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2020 Mitchell A. Wilder Publication Design Awards

All museums, large and small, project a graphic identity in the communications pieces they produce for their publics. Ranging from informal monthly e-newsletters to scholarly exhibit catalogs, from printed posters to digital invitations, these communications reflect the museum's image. TAM promotes the highest standards of graphic design and media production through the annual Mitchell A.Wilder Publication Design Award Competition. The award is named in honor of one of the early advocates of excellence in museum publications, Mitchell A. Wilder (1913-1979), founding director of the Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth. Beginning with primarily late nineteenth-century Western art, he helped build the collection of paintings and sculpture to include a wide cross-section of American masterpieces. Wilder was largely responsible for establishing the Museum's active publications program, active exhibition calendar, and instituting the photography collection--one of the country's largest. Throughout his career, Wilder strove for excellence and quality--, especially in museum publications.

Please complete this REGISTRATION FORM and submit payment for your Wilder Award entries.

Fill out and attach a separate ENTRY FORM to each entry. The ENTRY FORM is located on this page as a downloadable PDF. Mail entries with attached ENTRY FORMS to:

Texas Association of Museums
ATTN: Wilder Awards
815A Brazos, St., #537
Austin, TX 78701

1. Invitations and Development Campaign Materials
2. Newsletters, Brochures, and Announcements
3. Books and Catalogues
4. Marketing Materials, Supplementary Materials, and Posters

Submissions produced January 2019 - December 2019. 
Must be a TAM institutional member museum to submit. All entries must be produced or commissioned by the museum and must relate directly to its program. Any entry deemed not to meet these criteria will be disqualified and entry fee will be forfeited.

There is a limit of 10 (ten) entries submitted. There can be no more than 3 (three) entries in the same category. An entry can ONLY be submitted to 1 (one) category.

The entry fee for the 2020 Wilder Awards is $50 per submission. 
Submissions: Please submit payment and complete one entry at a time on this form. Make sure to mail submissions to Texas Association of Museums 815A Brazos St., #537 Austin, TX 78741 with the entry form.

Deadline for Entries:
March 15, 2020
Incomplete forms will disqualify an entry. All entries become the property of TAM. Wilder Award Winning entries will be announced at the TAM Annual Meeting.

2020 TAMMIE Awards

The Texas Association of Museums Media Innovation & Excellence Awards or TAMMIES for short, are designed to showcase museums that are doing innovative things with media and technology.  We want to see how your museums are incorporating technology into exhibits and programs; how you are using technology to reach virtual audiences outside of the traditional museum space; and how you are using social media to engage with audiences in innovative ways. A separate student category will highlight the important work being done by college students in our Texas museums. Winning projects are chosen by a jury of media and technology experts and the awards will be presented at the 44th Texas Association of Museums annual meeting in El Paso, Texas at the Historic Plaza Theatre. Each category is eligible for either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Honorable mention depending on the number of entries in each category.

Winners will receive recognition at the Annual Meeting, on the TAM Newsletter, and on the TAM website.

Three Categories:
1. In-Museum Experiences
2. Social Media Campaigns
3. Virtual Experience

Institutional Member Policies:
There is a limit of 5 (five) entries for Institutional Members. There can be no more than 3 (three) entries in the same category. An entry can ONLY be submitted to 1 (one) category.

Student Entry Policies:
There is a limit of 3 (three) entries for Students, 1 (one) per category. Entries must include a letter from faculty (sponsor, mentor, museum) sent to Alex at [email protected] by March 6, 2020 to confirm submission was created while the applicant was a student.

Submissions produced between January 2019 - December 2019. With the exception of Student Entries, you are required to be a TAM institutional member museum to submit.

The entry fee for the 2020 TAMMIES awards is $50 per submission. 
Submissions: Please submit and complete one entry at a time on this form. Make sure to include an uploadable image and a description of why it was innovative and successful. 

March 15, 2020

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Other Awards

The Jo Stewart Randel Outstanding Trustee 

The Texas Association of Museum’s Jo Stewart Randel Outstanding Trustee award recognizes excellence and distinguished contributions by a volunteer trustee to museums in Texas. Presented each year at the Annual Meeting of TAM, this award spotlights one outstanding trustee whose visionary leadership has made a significant impact on the museum he or she serves. This award is named in honor and memory of Jo Steward Randel (1915-2002).

Long before there were museum professionals and museum studies programs, museums lived and died on the strength and wisdom of their volunteers, and Jo Stewart Randel’s reputation was well deserved. She believed that anything was possible for the Carson County Square House Museum of Panhandle, Texas. This museum survived and achieved a high level of success through the dedication and commitment of herself and its volunteers. She was an early proponent for professionalism at the small museum level. In a period when many small museums did not even know what TAM was, she was advocating AAM accreditation.

She made sure that CCSHM was a part of TAM because she believed that as a small museum they had something big to contribute to the organization. They were a great example of what could be done when volunteers worked together to achieve an organization’s goals. She had high standards for herself and those she worked with. Her leadership and personal commitment made her a legend in the Texas museum community.

Jack Nokes Outstanding Service Award

President's Award



2019 Jo Steward Randel Award

2019 Adair Margo

Previous Recipients

Jack Nokes Outstanding Service Award

2016     Howard Taylor
2015     David Lintz
2014     Gary Smith
2013     Houston McGaugh
2012     Ellie Caston
2010     Matthew White
2009     Margaret Blagg
2008     Jack Nokes








- Adair Margo (Tom Lea Institute)



2019 President's Award


2018 Jo Steward Randel Award


2018 Jack Nokes Outstanding Service Award


2018 President's Award