Professional Development

TAM Professional Development Certificate Program

The TAM Professional Development Certificate Program provides an incentive for Texas museum professionals to build their expertise by attending a series of educational programs in one of six areas of focus. Certificates reward participants’ dedication to improve their skills and knowledge of museum practice.

Program participants will earn a TAM Professional Development Certificate for completion of a workshop and five annual meeting sessions relating to one focus area.

Eligible sessions in the six focus areas will be noted in the program schedule: (A) Administration; (R) Resource Development; (EX) Exhibitions; (C) Collections Management; (E) Education/Outreach; (T) Trustee. Please note that workshops presented throughout the year by TAM and TAM Affinity Groups count towards the certificate. It is not necessary to attend a workshop in conjunction with Annual Meeting. Cost to participate is $50 per certificate. Participants must be current TAM individual members.

TAM Professional Development Certificate Program

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