Many history organizations in Texas are struggling for survival. Although museums and other organizations conduct important work by collecting and interpreting history, they often do so in a precarious financial position with inadequate community support.

These organizations are at risk.


What about YOU? Is your museum or history organization open to significant change? Are you ready to do things differently because what you’re doing today is not working? If the leadership of your organization is willing to undergo honest assessment and make hard decisions, read on!


Texas Association of Museums (TAM) is launching an important new initiative in the greater Houston area called Finding Alternative Futures: Sustainability Through Coaching. This groundbreaking project will explore fresh ways to address issues of relevance and financial sustainability under the guidance of experienced coaches. This project is made possible by a lead grant from the Houston Endowment and additional support from the Summerlee Foundation, Dallas.


We are looking for 15 history organizations to participate in this program beginning January 2018 and continuing through May 2019. Each organization that is selected will be eligible for at least $2000 in participation grants as well as one free registration for the TAM Annual Meeting in Houston in April 2018.


In broad strokes, Finding Alternative Futures will enable the institutional advancement of 15 history organizations. Program participants will engage in an intensive 15-month coaching relationship designed to assess options for sustainability, elevate professionalism, and prepare for substantive change. Some may approach sustainability by improving standards of operation while others may consider alternative futures.


Sounds like a lot of work? Absolutely! Will it be worth it to boost the sustainability of your organization? If you answer yes, please complete the assessment and application below and return to TAM at or by mail at:


Texas Association of Museums

101 Summit Avenue,

Suite 802

Fort Worth, TX 76102



Finding Alternative Futures: Sustainability Through Coaching


Ready for Change?

The Finding Alternative Futures leadership team and coaches.  Back row (L-R): Gary Smith, Project Advisor, The Summerlee Foundation; Candace Tangorra Matelic, PH.D., Coach, CTM Professional Services; Susan Smyer, Local Field Assistance, Southeast Texas Museum Association; Brian Crockett, Head Coach, Two-Headed Goat Consulting.  Front row (L-R): Ruth Ann Rugg, Project Director, Texas Association of Museums; Carla Patterson, Coach, Independent Consultant.

Ruth Ann Rugg

Director of Special Projects

Texas Association of Museums

Initial Project Press Release